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Date a boy who travels

downpour of emotions..

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for a few days, i wished to write my feeling out. but had this strange resistance so as to not let anyone peep inside the darker sides of me. for it won’t be as delightful as the smile i might be roaming around with.

i too have a heart that feels and bruises the loved(!) ones gave are far more hurtful, than the negligence of random people. its when all the worst things were to happen simultaneously when i seemed to have lost control over my own life.

kept the feelings locked inside. safe. no one to notice. no one to sense. just me and my feelings. selfish to have kept it with me. selfless to have not shared. the ones who were cared the most, walked off without informing.

n then love comes in from where we least expected. strangers become friendly, and teach you how to re-decorate your life. long lost buddies get back in touch and life’s just as amazing as ever!

suddenly the boring and stagnant life becomes all the more interesting and people walking in and out is a great picture to watch from a distance. their gestures and postures. the old ones trying to hide faces and the new ones making theirs gleam with sunshine.

a cheerful air surrounds you. n i sit there wondering if i should crib about dear(!) ones walking off or great ones walking in. some needed pending decisions put to action.

the weeping heart soothed by the time-balm. and started to pump enthusiasm all over me. have this sudden surge of excitement and energy. a cheerful laughter fills up the empty spaces.

seeking enlightenment than revenge. a downpour that lifts up my spirits. light. peaceful. tranquil i feel. i lie drenched in the downpour of happiness over me.